Wonder Of You

I wonder if you realise that I love you
I wonder if you know just how much
I wonder if you know when I’m not with you
I yearn for your hand’s gentle touch
I wonder if you see me in your future
With smiles and with silly hair cuts
I wonder if you’re thinking of me now
As I wake up and I think of you
I wonder if you’re aware that I smile
When I see things that remind me of you
I wonder if I’ve ever hurt you
I know that I never want to
I wonder if you ever leave me
I wonder then what would I do
I wonder if I that was too drastic
But I wonder if you think that too
And I wonder if you ever wonder of me
Because you see my mind wanders
When I’m in wonder of you.

© Jade Anouka. Anouka Poetry. All rights reserved.

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