Our Hearts Understand

Do you know what’s happening?
Can you even comprehend
The confusion in my stomach
But my hearts certainty?
The thud thud, bang bang, boom boom on my bones
Must be the feeling that found me,
Led me,
And then took over completely.
You feel it too but it’s stuck in your throat
Swelling your brain.
You’re light headed with love.
Don’t tell me what you’re thinking.
No need to make a sound.
Just stay close to me.
Your breath on my skin, It’s like I’m falling through the air
A carefree excitement and panic all in one.
And then we touch.
What is this that I’m feeling?
What, is it ecstasy?!
I can’t stop my legs from shaking.
I wouldn’t want them too.
You turn, we look, eye to eye
But you see right to my soul.
Do you know what I believe in?
Can I reach to touch your soul?
I know it’s normally forbidden
We both just need that extra strength.
Purely an embrace is not enough.
And so we leave our frames behind us
And like the sweet woodbine we gently entwine.
Comforting each others uncertain minds
With the understanding of our hearts.