Anouka Poetry Poems by Jade Anouka



My name is Jade Anouka, I am an actor and a poet.

This website is all about my poetry. Feel free to have a look round.


You can read some of my writings,

Listen to recordings,

Watch my videos,

See photos of me performing

And contact me.     




I have performed my poetry in various

venues across London including featured

spots at Farrago, Triforce Promotions,

Betsy Trotwood, The Proud Galleries Camden and Apples & Snakes at Whitechapel Art gallery.


Other London guest performances include Glitterbeast, Catapulting Cocoon, Sistova's Style and Substance, Speech Motion and a UK Poetry Podcast recording.


I have also performed at The Sidewalk Café, The Bowery, and The Inspired Word's Organic Open Mic Night at Bareburger in New York.


My first collection of poems is published by Poetry Space and is called Eggs On Toast you can order your copy here.

anouka poetry

anouka poetry

anouka poetry

Anouka Poetry


Anouka Poetry

Anouka Poetry