When Was The Last Time You Cried?

When was the last time you cried?
Was it when I said goodbye,
Did that make you cry?
Was it when you couldn’t sleep
Because you knew we’d gone too deep
To trust tender tendencies
And refuse nothing but love and hate,
Anger and anxiety
And show the frustration through vulnerability
Leaving yourself totally vulnerable
To my coldness 
Undressing your confidence
Each item of your selflessness
Becoming my minions,
Replacing them with powerless, unreasonable anguish
Is that when you cried?
Or was it when I said
I wish you’d bide by my instructions,
Do as I say,
Go through each day with me on your mind,
On your back,
On your neck
Checking every inch of you
From your hair do to your black tattoo
That reminds you of you, before me.
Is that why you cried?
Because you thought about life without me
You dreamt of being free
You thought it meant you shouldn’t be with me,
Couldn’t trust me.
Wouldn’t rush me into a marriage
A wedding was never on the cards
Until you believed you’d had your fill
Of the cup of me.
And now you see it’s you, not me
Not able to show his vulnerability
And in frustration
Of this weak conclusion
Your love falters, at the knees,
You bend, bow your head
And instead of a stab at the stars
Defy your fortune
Look up at the moon and ask for hope
Was that when you cried?