The Black Dog 



He’s yours

I can see him though

he’s not near me

He’s with you

Watching you


Your connection’s strong

Not as strong as what we had

But stronger than us now

He has more of you than I have now


Constantly between us

Stopping me from touching you

From you holding me

From us feeling each other like we used to


You don’t want him

And I want you

Rid of him


But he wont go

He’s picked you

doing everything he can

To make your relationship stronger


Wants to make it harder for you to find a way to leave him


You’ve tried running

-He always catches up


You’ve tried hiding

-He always finds you


You’ve tried imagining he’s not there

In the hope he’ll disappear

-He’s not left yet


But I know he will

and I’ve got that over him


If only I can make you see

he wont be around forever

that I see a future

with him not in it

then you’d have it too

that ‘one over him’


I can see him

And you don’t want me to

you want to get rid of him secretly


But do you know how?


I know I don’t

But I want to help


because I can see your connection getting stronger

He’s trying to make it harder

for you to find a way to leave him


You mustn't try and do this alone

He’s so strong

And so persistent


But however much he wants you

Know that I’ll always want you more.


He’ll never have you fully

Not like how we have each other

Will have each other once he’s gone


He’s a beast though 

So be careful

Arm yourself with all the stuff


All the stuff that make it possible 

For you to go out there and kill him


You’re a warrior

You’re a soldier

You’re someone who wants to love


So get your armour from the experts

Get your weapons from those who know


Those who’ve helped others defeat him

Him: The Black Dog.