Buckets (The Rain)

She cries
But no-one offers her a shoulder
They only curse her
For concealing the laughter
The smiles that surface
When he is about.

But she
Is soaking all with her tears
And no-one sucks it in to lighten the load
They all hold on to the hope
Of his arrival
Proud and hot
And spreading joy.
Always one without the other.
With her they run for cover
With him they lay open
In his heat

She wishes they could meet
Maybe he could teach her
How to love
-and be loved-
He’s not sure about that
Never wants to chat with her
Spend time with her

When he is there
And she pops around
All foreheads turn to frowns
Then everyone leaves
Goes home and party’s pooped

And besides when she’s somewhere
And he comes by and he’s trying
And offers her a hand
And a friendly-guy ‘Hi’
She sneaks off
Wipes her tears and doesn’t even say bye.

But that’s just her sadness
Her inner self torture
She believes they could make
Something so special together
Her tears
His fire
Birthing something full of colour

But they’ll never see it
No-one’ll ever know
And so
She cries